To Turk hardcore, with the aim of accumulating at least $100, forgoing sleep if necessary. Namesake of notorious Turker razorbacks, from #bigcity.

A: New batch of German TOTW’s up!
B: I live in Germany. . .
A: Quickly, /razormode on


1. n. mTurk Grind, an mTurk forum with a social focus, created by zingy.

Synonym: Grind

2. n. Magic: The Gathering, the very first collectible card game, in which planeswalkers (represented by players) utilize sorcery, creatures, and other planeswalkers to defeat the opposition. Created by Richard Garfield in 1993, Magic still flourishes online and in tournament form.


n. mTurk HITs posted by X8, aimed at powering a database of calendars of school districts across the nation. Pay rises as scarcity of valid entries increases, often at double the original rate. Earnings paid through bonuses at various pay cycles.